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Empowering Payments Business With Technology, Creativity and Innovation
Customer Experience Centric

Cardzone CMS represents fundamental mind-set change from Product centric design to Customer experience centric design which covers all aspect of a customer interaction with Financial Institution. Cardzone solution also incorporates state of art technology which maximize card business process automation. Cardzone Solution has been proven to deliver following benefits i.e:

  • Improve customer Acquisition that leads to business growth
  • Deepen customer relationship that leads to customer loyalty
  • Enhance customer retention that leads to lower attrition
  • Drive revenue and reduce cost via process automation
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Superior Solution and People

Cardzone is a Malaysian payment solution house that specializes in offering state of art payment solutions as well as experienced and professional implementors to banks to ensure speedy and successful delivery of payment projects

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Optimum Cost Of Ownership

Cardzone solution is designed with cost effectiveness in all aspects. Most of the payment solutions available in the market are based on old mainframe and client server technology; old solution that is normally dependent on costly proprietary technology like proprietary hardware and utility software, as well as inefficient human intensive operations.

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Invest In The Future Revenue

In the modern age, technology is advancing at a rapid pace and payment industry players also need to adapt to technology to keep with market advancement. Quite often, new revenue stream in the payment industry is due to innovative payment scheme and disruptive technology like QR payment.

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