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Cardzone MERCHANT - Cardzone
Merchant Management Product


With shifting of cash to electronic payment and increased regulatory pressures due to globalization of the banking industry, high demands have been placed on banks acquiring businesses in order to maintain a steady lead in the market, together with operational efficiency.

Apart from just offering competitive terms to the merchant as the main attraction, the ability to provide exceptional service is also key to retaining these merchants.

Cardzone MERCHANT provides a comprehensive multi-currency POS management, merchant management, authorization, clearing and settlement systems.

Cardzone MERCHANT supports multiple payment schemes, stores and manages merchant accounts and their histories, is fully compliant with EMV requirements, supports Visa Smart Debit Credit, MasterCard’s M/Chip card and Diners D-PAS chip card acquiring. It also gives acquirers a complete handling of merchant accounting and settlement cycle.

Key benefits and features

  • Multi payment scheme compliant
  • Multi level merchant hierarchy with fee and settlement options at any level
  • Multi institution capability
  • Multi currency capability
  • EMV Compliant
  • Multiple merchant products
  • Multi country support
  • Scalable and extensible

With Cardzone MERCHANT, banks will be able to manage their card acceptance business at merchant locations efficiently via flexible acquiring transaction profiling and pricing features.