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Cardzone Mobile Solution - Cardzone
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Cardzone Mobile Solution

Currently, all the banking industry market statistics point to the next battle for customer loyalty depends on the Mobile services offered by the banks i.e. the banks that can offer the best mobile experience and services will win over customers

We also observe Digital transformation as the key initiative taken by banks to remain competitive and Mobile services is getting lots of attention by banks’ CIOs.

The principle mobile services offered by banks are Mobile Banking and Mobile Payment, lots of banks have started with mobile banking application but the latest trend is bank customers wanted to be able to perform mobile payment at merchants from single bank mobile application and not having to download two mobile applications from the same bank.

One challenge most banks are is facing is the high cost of setting up branches or deploying ATMs at in rural areas. Some banks decided to set up Agency Banking services (Cash In, Cash Out etc) in rural areas by appointing bank agent equipped with EDC machine. However, EDC machine is still a device that requires maintenance and service regularly.

With the advent of Mobile phone technology, Banks start to explore the viability of developing agency banking services on mobile application for Agents in rural areas.

Cardzone is pleased to introduce our 3-in-1 Mobile solution which offers the following functionalities:

Benefits of Cardzone Mobile Solution

Mobile Banking access to customer’s CASA accounts as funding source accounts
Mobile Payment access to customer’s payment card accounts as funding source accounts
Mobile Agency support QR Payment acceptance, Cash-in/Cash-out services at physical merchant/agent
Cardzone customer mobile wallet allows
Customer Mobile Wallet that supports Mobile Banking & Mobile Payment Functions




Cardzone Merchant Mobile App
Merchant Mobile Application that supports Merchant QR Payment acceptance, Agency banking Cash-In, Cash-Out and Cashless Withdrawal functions etc