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Cardzone FRM - Cardzone
Fraud Management Product

Cardzone FRM

Cardzone FRM is an effective tool to combat the ever innovative fraudsters active in the payment card arena.

Cardzone FRM is designed to support the bank’s fight against fraud, with features and benefits such as:-

Built-in Fraud Rules

Within Cardzone FRM, there is a set of built-in system fraud rules that will protect the bank e.g. auto detection of two physical card transactions in different cities or countries within too short a time possible, events like that is a clear indication of counterfeit cards. Other system built-in fraud rules are lost/stolen card being used, PIN tries exceeded and repeat attempts after card blocks etc. Bank staff can determine the next course of action for each and every type of fraud event detected e.g. sending SMS to the genuine cardholder, send SMS to Fraud investigation officer plus log the case for further investigation etc

User-Defined Fraud Rules

Users are able to define their own fraud rules based on virtually any fields in the authorization message e.g.

  • Fallback transactions happening (i.e. EMV cards using magnetic stripe entry mode)
  • Card authorization transactions happening at non-business hours
  • Suspicious cardholders spending at high risk merchants
  • Many more..

With the latest R&D, Cardzone FRM has been enhanced with Big Data Analytic and Machine Learning algorithms to detect and predict fraudulent transactions with online risk score, special frequent pattern mining algorithm has also been incorporated to recognize new fraud pattern attempted by fraudsters.