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Cardzone CMS - Cardzone
Card Management System Product

Cardzone CMS

In order to capture a greater share of the card market and stay competitive in the midst of increased competition, banks face enormous pressure to increase profits while containing expenses.

At the same time, consumers are becoming more and more experienced, educated and demanding. Nowadays, consumers are prone to frequently switching banks as well.

Banks must face the challenge of not only offering a wide range of differentiated and ever improving services but also to ensure flexibility, security and availability in order to make their cards stand out from competitors when card features are increasingly commoditized.

Cardzone CMS is a scalable and highly parameterized card management system that brings greater efficiency to card operations of any size.

Benefits of Cardzone CMS

  • Easy to configure, set up products and launch new programs
  • A wide range of configuration options such as system setup parameters, authorization, risk, fee and bonus profiles
  • Easy to manage cardholder relationship such as tracking of multiple accounts, multiple cards, multiple product plans and card activities
  • Able to generate embossing file, pin mailers, pin mailer printing, letters as well as application scoring at ease
  • Equipped with Plastic Inventory Management to manage blank as well as processed plastics stock
  • Able to manage merchant relationships with rates for different brands, types of transactions (on-us and off-us cards), together with discount rates based on volume or promotions
  • Built-in event triggers and user-definable actions like sending of SMS texts, emails and auto case logging for follow-up actions
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Comprehensive collection system with tools for account classifying, sending of template based letters, prioritizing and distributing accounts according to agents and resource groups
  • Improve card security with real time and scalable transactions validation based on fraud control parameters and user-defined credit
  • Unmanned End-of-Day process
  • Access Control List to control user permissions and login
  • Auto housekeeping transaction logs