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Cardzone SWITCH - Cardzone
Switching Product

Cardzone SWITCH

Cardzone SWITCH is a flexible, robust and multi-channel payment switch for acquiring and routing of authorization transactions from multiple touch points like ATM, POS, Kiosk, Mobile, IVR and Internet, into many destination hosts and networks.

Benefits of Cardzone SWITCH

Rich in Functionalities Support multi-channel switching
Parameterized and Automated System Quick turnaround time for new channel creation; flexible routing and switching rules with event driven alerts
Support Switch Business Strategies Comprehensive switch business function with multi-channels, multi-hosts and lower total cost of ownership
Scalable and Future proof Technical Architecture High availability with 24 hour a day, 7 days a week uninterrupted authorization service with Object-Oriented and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

With Cardzone SWITCH, you will be able to easily expand your customer touch points and channels as well as enjoying Uninterrupted Transaction Acceptance and Authorization Services